2020. February 21., Friday
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The New Széchenyi Plan revises
the whole approach to development policy

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s cabinet has launched a plan, The New Széchenyi Plan, which is a development strategy for economic recovery and progress. The whole country participated in the drawing up of the document and the results will be of great benefit to the whole nation. The new Széchenyi Plan is a great opportunity for the Hungarian economy and the entire country to renew itself. The program also holds out the hope of Hungary becoming the most developed nation in the region once again. Notions like hope, progress and restart attached to the New Széchenyi Plan won’t just benefit small and medium businesses but also public sector players as well. The new development policy may result in Hungary becoming a country where Hungarian citizens feel comfortable once again.

With the New Széchenyi Plan all the elements of development policy are to be renewed in order to provide support for the survival and development of businesses wishing to participate in the program. The transformation of the development policy will give the Hungarian economy and Hungarian businesses a major boost. The aim of the program is to create one million new jobs over ten years and to considerably improve the competitiveness of Hungary.

The fundamental objectives of this ambitious plan are obvious: a stable legal system, elimination of bureaucracy, higher employment, the rooting out of corruption and the whitening of economy, in other words a transparent, predictable and stable business environment.

Formerly, invitations to tenders were typically disjointed and unpredictable. Using the results of social consultations, the government has set development targets that promote the realization of plans of both individuals and of communities and at the same time lay the foundations for sustainable development of the Hungarian economy. With the help of the New Széchenyi Plan the government is taking great efforts to promote the provision of resources to all Hungarian businesses including micro-enterprises, that until now have received limited resources or none at all.

For further information on tenders and the new development policy, visit Here those interested can have detailed and accurate information from credible sources. The Tender Manual that has been published in print form is downloadable from this website. It consists of a short summary of individual tender invitations and conditions. In addition, the homepage serves as a social discussion forum where, after a brief registration process, visitors can have their say on a given tender topic. Further information on the New Széchenyi Plan is available now in person or over the phone all over the country from as many as 19 customer service assistants. The number of information outlet points is continuously increasing. In cooperation with the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers the Ministry of National Development and the National Development Agency are jointly promoting the new development policy in county seats in a national campaign.

The New Széchenyi Plan creates a great opportunity for all of the regions and enterprises to grow and develop. The program stands a great chance of achieving success owing to the common knowledge gained in the course of numerous consultations and also because it is based on collaboration and cooperation between the state and domestic enterprises.